Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Brief Word Count

I have been doing relatively poorly so please excuse me for my lack of updates. Ugh. I'm also way behind on my word goals for the month. Maybe putting it down here for everyone to read will kick me in the patootie and make me accountable for my procrastination!

  • Born of Stars - 8990/85,000
    This one has grown by nearly 4,000 words, so I suppose that isn't too shabby.
  • In His Arms - 5,587/70,000
    I need to do work on this!
  • Feather - 0/70,000
    Yeah...haven't done a thing. Oops.
  • In The Shadow of Trees - 2,721/70,000
    Hey, at least it's a start!

And for the novellas...

  • Summer Loving - 10,796/30,000
    Yay! A third of the way to the intended goal.
  • Alice - 0/15,000
    Yep, another one I've slacked off on. And I think it needs a new name.
  • Cowboy Music - 0/25,000
    I really need to bust my butt on this one because it actually has a deadline. For the end of the month.
  • Like He Does - 1,201/10,000
    Decent progress. Just need to make some changes and get back to it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Out Like a Lion

March has almost come and gone and I swear, it started yesterday! By the way, I'm aware that the saying is "In like a lion, out like a lamb". Well, March did come in like a lion as the winds blew and the trees swayed, and it looks like it'll be going out with a couple days of rain. Me, however, I came into the month lazy as a lamb and am now fighting like a lion to make sure things are done. This girl has big plans for April! Very excited to see them under way. Even though I'm bothered by the fact that it's already going to be April. Holy crap...

Last year the published, Torquere, closed their doors. In late January/early February another of my publishers closed their doors. There will be no more selling to Wayward Ink. Though I am saddened by this I have at least found a publisher willing to take the short stories as a collection, just have to add a few new pieces to make it enticing to readers. So if you haven't yet purchased any of my work, there will be forthcoming collections!

And yet another publisher sent me a delightful set of marketing ideas. I can't wait to read through them and get some new ideas, maybe end up increasing my sales.

February In Review
Uh... Well, I'm looking back at my submissions to give me an idea of what I might have accomplished in the short month and it doesn't seem like much. Oops. Between bouts of unhappiness and other goings on I just didn't get a lot of writing done.

I sold one story last month, another gay romance, Yesterday's Letters. Three stories were rejected and three haven't been accepted/rejected. Keeping my fingers crossed that at least one more of them sells. That would be lovely, especially since one of them is Sugarbush 2.

No recent releases, but check back for April. There are going to be at least 2!

Looking into April, I have put together an intense schedule that will have me working on novels and novellas alike. This is going to be a fairly crazy month and I'm excited and scared all at the same time. Hopefully it'll pay off in the long run. I'll let you know.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Goodbye January, Hello February

How is that a month of 2017 has already gone by? When did that happen? It was an interesting 31 days that included going to the movies, getting sick, arguing with my boss (I'm sure she hates my guts, whatever), and lots of writing. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of snow. This girl is still waiting for her first blizzard. Of course, the highlight of the month was my interview with USA Today's Happily Ever After blog. Yay! And then I got some tweets and mentions by Sinfully Gay Romance Reviews; which was equally as awesome. Here's to hoping that both of them help out my sales and in building my name.

So how did January go for me? (I'm going to try a new set-up here...)

January's Writing in Review

The month didn't start off with much promise. I was sick and that put me behind, plus a lifestyle change left me fairly tired. That left me scrambling the last two weeks or so to get my work done by deadlines. But I learned I was up to the task if I focused and blocked out the rest of the world (sorry to my family and friends!). I'm glad to report that in a week I finished a 12,000 gay romance. The story was not what I originally planned to write, but it's what came out. I also finished touching up the second Sugarbush novella and whipped out a quick horror short.

Submissions/Sales for January

Two previously written short stories were sent out first; haven't heard back on either of them yet. As mentioned, there was the 12,000 words gay romance, Pieces of Us, that got submitted and then sold in roughly a day. That made me exceptionally happy, especially since I thought the piece might be too touchy/angsty/depressing. I also sold the short story I mentioned above, I See You. This make my 3 published horror story. Am I the only one that finds it weird that I've been selling romance like hotcakes and boom, now I can sell horror? From sweet to creepy. Maybe that sums me up!

Recent Releases

Available via Totally Bound. Don't miss the beginning of the Sugarbush Creek Series!

Another of my gay romances. I am very pleased and in love with this story. <3 Please check it out. Buy a copy! It's kind of my first zombie story, too.

February Goals

Now that we'v entered a new month I have new goals, not all of a writing nature. While I'm also hoping to be neater and lose a touch more weight, I also have a number of stories that I want to see done. The primary work I'm hoping to complete this month is:

  1. Sugarbush 3
  2. Rarity Island (a horror novella, hopefully the first in a series)
  3. In His Arms (shooting to get 50,000 words done in this novel)
Other pieces I would like to see done include:

  1. Stay a Little Longer (romance novella)
  2. "Space obituary" (horror novella)
  3. "Coming Home" (romance novelette)
  4. Any number of short stories

So here's to February! Let's go out and conquer the shortest month of the year!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Buzzing with Excitment

First of all, I want to leave here the link for the interview I was fortunate to do with USA Today. Many thanks to my publisher for this! How exciting! May it see a rise in my sales. Fingers crossed. It also has me hell bent on getting some big projects done!

Yay! Interview!

Of course, this means a bit of tweaking of my schedule, but hot damn, I'm more excited than ever to get some of these stories out the door and see to it that they get published.

Oh yeah, don't forget to go purchase a copy of A Christmas Kiss.
A Christmas Kiss

And also, you can now get the whole quartet of Blackstone Manor in print format if you so desire.
Blackstone Manor quarter

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A New Year, Some New Goals

Now that 2017 is upon us I have gone back to take a gander at the list I put together at the start of 2016. These were goals related to my writing that I had hoped to meet over the last 12 months. Truth is, I probably didn't stick to it as well as I wanted to, but I think the list is good enough to carry over into this year, with a few minor updates. I've also got a few personal goals that I would like to tackle as well. So let's get the ball rolling...

  1. Write More (From last year)
    I did fairly decent on this one and it will always be at the top of the list. If I don't constantly write, I don't get anywhere! And I go slightly crazy.
  2. Publish More (from last year)
    My goal was to sell more stories in 2016 than I did in 2015; which was 13. Well, I suppose I can't complain when it turns out I sold 13 last year. I want to up that this year so I'm shooting for 20+.
  3. Finish 3 Novels
    This is sort of like a goal from last year, but tweaked. Turns out I got too busy to manage 1 novel every 2 months. I think this might be more manageable. I've already got three novels in progress. If I meet my initial goal, I'll up the count.
  4. Finish 6 Novellas
    Another one tweaked from last year because again, 1 novella every 2 months didn't work out. Thanks to a publisher that really believes in my writing I should be able to achieve this one with no problem whatsoever. But there are a lot of pieces I want to rewrite that will at least reach novella length. This should be an easy enough goal.
  5. Publish in Another Genre (from last year)
    This one I did actually manage to pull off, thanks to a publisher purchasing 2 of my horror short stories. It's on the list again because I'd like to see about publishing scifi, fantasy/urban fantasy, children's, and crime/mystery.
  6. Build My Horror Profile
    Riding on the coattails of the goal above, I want to increase the amount of horror stories I sell. I'm currently working on what might be the beginning of a series of horror novellas.
  7. Publish A Novel (from last year)
    Yep, I still haven't pulled this one off. However, I have a good feeling that 2017 will be the year!

As for personal goals, they're still under works. That list will come at a later date.

Now for what I've been working on. I'm slowly making my way through In His Arms, Born of Stars, Painted Petals, Rarity Island, and a fantasy piece to be named later. The schedule I've put together is fairly intense and doesn't leave too much time for other things, but let's be honest, I'm tired of my day job and desperate to make a living as a writer. That means write, write, write!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Kisses, Holidays and Stories to Be

As you can see I've changed the header to promote my newest story. 😁 Consider me ever so pleased to inform you of the soon-to-be available A Christmas Kiss, the first in the Sugarbush Series to be published by Totally Bound. Yes, you read that right. Series! I'm so excited. It'll be composed of 6 novellas that follow Clara and Asher and the townies of Sugarbush. Make sure to get your copy of A Christmas Kiss when it comes out. You don't want to miss the beginning of this lovely series.

On that same front, A Gargoyle Christmas will be out before too long and it wraps up the quartet of novellas featuring Io and Cinder. The publisher will be compiling all 4 stories into a paperback to be titled Blackstone Manor; which you can get in print. How exciting is that?? I can't wait to get my author copies. Make sure you get this!! Also, from the same publisher I have a lovely holiday story coming out titled Love Speaks. Go buy that one, too. I'll make sure to post the links when they're available.

Going in line with my gargoyles, I got this most awesome, epic, wonderful, totally mind blowing review. Blackstone Manor: Promised review

Things have changed at work so I've been more social than usual and as an introvert it has been relatively tiring. Needless to say this has impacted my writing to some degree. Yeah, that translates into woefully behind in getting projects done. Thankfully, I don't have many impending deadlines so I've been trying to work on projects that had been set aside. Like finishing my romance novel, Leaving Hoof Prints. I've got to add about 25,000 to it for it to be done. Yes, I set it aside when it was that close to being done! I chickened out. Finishing a novel has terrified me so I need to conquer that and get the book out the door! I can do this!

I'm working on a group of 6 stories, and should this work out properly I will continue to do this for my schedule. That being said, I hope to have 3 of the stories done by the end of November; which of course means I need to get my ass out of this writing slump and start kicking butt!

If all goes well I should be kissing goodbye to Leaving Hoof Prints, Painted Petals, and Glass Bottom. Two romance pieces and a horror. Fingers crossed!

2017 will be my year! I swear...

Monday, September 26, 2016

Absence Spurred by Writing

Sorry I've been away. Guess you could say that it was the written word that kept me busy. There has also been some unhappy news on the non-writing side of things. Turns out I may be loosing one of my furry friends this week; which is utterly heart breaking. My adorable (appropriately named black cat Frodo) may have cancer. He's going into the vet on Wednesday for a closer look. I love him. My critters mean the world to me and it just... I don't want to think of him going so I shall keep my fingers crossed that he's going to be okay. It's not as bad as the vet says...

On to the writing bits.

Guess what?? They liked the rewritten The Christmas Foal!! Yay! And they're interested in the rest of the series as well. Super excited about it. Sure, it won't come out until February, but you know what that means? I have time to get a few more of the novellas done, like 3 or 4 of the 6. Can I just say it again and again? The contract hasn't officially been signed but I've sold a series of novellas!!! This is just ever so super exciting.

I'm also sending in the last of my gargoyle stories featuring Io and Cinder. I can't believe they're done.

Next up, finishing a Scottish romance for one publisher in hopes they like it. Still waiting to hear back on the North Dakota story they were sent. Once this story goes out my schedule sort of lightens up; which is just what I've been waiting for. This means I will have time to work on the first book in the series of horror novellas I've been planning, can get R3wr1tt3n finished, and continue to work on my novel, Born of Stars. Of course, I'll keep working on my short stories here and there, and I would like to get back to my romance novel, Leaving Hoof Prints to see about getting it done. Can you believe that I reached 30,000 out of the intended 55,000 and just stopped working on it? I'm nuts!

Oh yeah! My 2 horror stories are available. Yay! Now to just keep publishing outside of romance. One story at a time.